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Custom Floating Stairs

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Quality Cable Railings

for Any Interior & Exterior

Your premier contractor for custom stairs and rails.

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Cregger Construction offers signature and custom railing materials, design styles, and color options. Our quality products are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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We provide the best interior and exterior cable rails systems, floating stairs, deck resurfacing,
and room remodeling. 

Cable Rails

We have over 20 years of experience as a stair railing contractor in Carroll County. Stair railings serve more than a functional purpose — they give stairs a visual presence and make a staircase a work of art. 

Floating Stairs

Floating stairs are a staple of any modern home. It gives your home a work-of-art-feel anytime it’s seen or used. It features a single beam in the middle of the treads to create the illusion of the stairs are floating.

Cregger Construction uses elegant, modern railings that enhance any view.